We dream up movies. 

Then, we write them. We produce them. We direct them. And, we distribute them.




Latest Work

  ELITZA DASKALOVA     writer, director, producer

ELITZA DASKALOVA  writer, director, producer

It's all about storytelling. Some stories we are lucky enough to inherit, passed down from our parents and loved ones. Others, we stumble upon whilst navigating our own journey. And many brilliant ones are written by minds we've never met but whose souls feel like long lost friends.

Solve for Lambda was born from a need to share the stories that move me, inspire me, puzzle me and keep me awake at night. My goal is to turn them into a reality: into living 'breathing' films. This is a collaborative space: I partner with other  creative minds alike and hopefully, in the process, create a supportive and encouraging film community based in Brooklyn, NY.